Maine Township: A Comprehensive Insight into Its Community and Services

Maine Township, positioned in Cook County, Illinois, United States, plays a vital role in the suburban landscape directly north and east of O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Established in 1850, the township has seen significant growth, housing a population of 140,600 by the 2020 census, covering an area of 26.17 square miles (67.77 km²), predominantly land with a small fraction of water.

Geographical Layout and Communities

Maine Township encompasses portions of several Chicago suburbs, including Park Ridge, Morton Grove, Niles, Glenview, Des Plaines, and Rosemont, as well as various unincorporated sections, predominantly using a Des Plaines mailing address. These areas adhere to Chicago's numbering system, despite their distinct suburban identities. The township is traversed by Interstate 294, enhancing its connectivity and accessibility.

Municipalities and Recreation

The township includes parts of several municipalities, contributing to its diverse demographic and community fabric. It also boasts extensive recreational facilities, notably through the Golf Maine Park District, which includes Dee Park and Feldman Park. These parks offer various sports programs, community events, and recreational spaces, serving as vital community hubs for residents.


Maine Township is served by several public school districts, providing comprehensive education from pre-kindergarten through high school. These include Des Plaines Elementary School District 62, East Maine Elementary School District 63, Park Ridge-Niles Elementary School District 64, and Maine Township High School District 207, encompassing several high schools. The district places a strong emphasis on providing a rich academic program and a positive learning environment, with notable alumni such as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Private and Higher Education

The township is home to various private schools, offering alternative educational pathways for families. It also falls within the jurisdiction of Oakton Community College, one of the Midwest's top-rated community colleges, providing a broad range of associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes, alongside competitive athletic and extensive foreign language programs.

Historical and Cultural Fabric

Maine Township's rich history and evolving community landscape reflect its commitment to serving and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. From its roots as a burgeoning area near Chicago to its current status as a suburban hub with comprehensive services, recreational facilities, and educational opportunities, Maine Township stands as a testament to the dynamic and diverse character of Cook County. For more information about its services, governance, and community initiatives, residents and interested parties can visit