Lyons Township: A Vital Part of Cook County's Landscape

Lyons Township, situated in Cook County, Illinois, represents one of the county's 29 townships. As reported in the 2020 census, the township is home to 115,105 residents, making it a significant and bustling part of the region. With municipalities such as La Grange, Justice, and Summit among its most populous, Lyons Township combines a mix of residential charm and vibrant community life.

Historical Background and Governance

Established in 1850, Lyons Township has evolved over the years into a pivotal area within Cook County. Despite common confusion, the village of Lyons, which lies almost entirely within the township, is distinct from the township itself. The governance of the township is led by Supervisor Christopher Getty, with the township hall located at 6404 S. Joliet Road in Countryside, serving as the administrative center.

Geographical Spread and Municipalities

The township spans an area of 36.92 square miles (95.6 km²), with 36.36 square miles (94.2 km²) of land and a minor 0.56 square miles (1.5 km²) of water. Lyons Township's geographic borders are defined by Harlem Avenue to the east, Pershing Road to the north, DuPage County's boundary to the west, and a southern border along 87th Street, adjusting to follow the Des Plaines River west of Willow Springs.

Within these boundaries lie several municipalities, including Indian Head Park, Hodgkins, McCook, and significant portions of Western Springs, Brookfield, Bridgeview, Burr Ridge, and Willow Springs, showcasing the township's diverse and inclusive community fabric.

Waterways and Historic Canals

The township is also notable for the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal that cuts through from southwest to northeast. This canal, designated a National Historic District in 2011, adds to the area's historical significance and contributes to the natural beauty and environmental landscape of Lyons Township.

Community and Education

Lyons Township is not just about its land and municipalities; it's a community with a strong emphasis on education and development. It hosts several municipalities, including but not limited to Bedford Park, Bridgeview, Brookfield, and Countryside, each contributing its unique character to the township. Additionally, the township encompasses unincorporated towns such as Gary, La Grange Highlands, and Nottingham Park, as well as the extinct town of Tiedtville, adding layers to its rich historical tapestry.

Neighboring Areas

Surrounded by a mix of townships and Chicago communities, Lyons Township shares borders with Proviso and Riverside Townships to the north, Stickney Township to the east, and Palos Township to the south, among others. This positioning allows for a dynamic interaction with neighboring areas, enhancing the sense of community and shared resources.

In summary, Lyons Township is a vibrant and integral part of Cook County, characterized by its diverse communities, rich history, and strategic geographic location. It stands as a testament to the area's development, from its establishment in 1850 to its present-day significance in the Chicago metropolitan area. For more information about township initiatives, services, and governance, visit