333 North Michigan is a skyscraper situated in the art deco architectural style within Chicago's Loop community area in Illinois, United States. Its design features striking setbacks on the upper levels, inspired by the 1923 skyscraper zoning laws. Geographically, it is one of the four 1920s structures located near the Michigan Avenue Bridge, including the Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower, and the London Guarantee Building. These buildings are considered contributing properties to the Michigan–Wacker Historic District, a U.S. Registered Historic District.

The unique positioning of 333 North Michigan, thanks to the jog in Michigan Avenue, makes it a prominent landmark along the Magnificent Mile. This positioning gives the impression that the building is situated in the middle of the road at the beginning of this iconic stretch of road.

Holabird & Roche/Holabird & Root were the architectural firms behind the design, and the building was completed in 1928. Standing at 396 feet (120.7 m) with 34 stories, it was officially designated as a Chicago Landmark on February 7, 1997. The building is located in the short quarter-mile section of Michigan Avenue, positioned between the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District and the Magnificent Mile. Its management and leasing are handled by MB Real Estate.

The building's design, led by John Wellborn Root, Jr., pays tribute to various architectural influences, including his father's John Wellborn Root's earlier Monadnock Building, Louis Sullivan's principles of tall buildings, and Eliel Saarinen's second-place entry in the Tribune Tower design contest. The skyscraper's long and narrow footprint maximizes natural light utilization, and its interior showcases Prohibition-era modernism, particularly evident in its Art Deco Tavern club.

The building's exterior is adorned with a polished marble base, decorative bands, and reliefs depicting frontiersmen and Native Americans at Fort Dearborn, which once occupied part of the site.


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