Navigating High School Options and Real Estate in Park Ridge, Illinois

Introduction: Maine Township High School District 207 Attendance Boundary Real Estate Search

Relocating to a new area can be both exciting and daunting, especially when you're a parent considering the best educational options for your child. Park Ridge, Illinois, is a charming suburb that offers a variety of high school options. In this article, we'll explore the educational landscape in Park Ridge, with a focus on Maine West, Maine South, and Maine East High Schools, while also discussing the implications of your high school choice on the real estate market.

Park Ridge: A Snapshot

Nestled just 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Park Ridge is a picturesque suburb known for its tree-lined streets, excellent schools, and a close-knit community atmosphere. It's an ideal place to raise a family, and its high school options reflect the commitment to education that residents hold dear.

Maine Township High School District 207 serves the educational needs of students in Maine Township, Illinois. The district comprises three main high schools:

  • Maine East High School: Located in Park Ridge, Illinois, Maine East is one of the three high schools in the district. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, extracurricular activities, and a rich history of academic excellence.
  • Maine West High School: Situated in Des Plaines, Maine West is another prominent high school within the district. It is known for its strong academic programs and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities.
  • Maine South High School: Maine South, located in Park Ridge, is renowned for its rigorous academics, outstanding sports programs, and a tradition of excellence in education.

Maine Township High School District 207 is committed to providing quality education and a range of opportunities for students to excel academically, socially, and personally. It serves as a cornerstone of the educational landscape in the Maine Township area. The boundaries of Maine Township encompass the area from Mt. Prospect Avenue in the west, Central Road in the north, Harlem Avenue in the east, to Devon Avenue in the south. This expansive township includes portions of Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Niles, Glenview, Morton Grove, and Rosemont.

Maine West High School

Maine West High School is one of the three main high schools serving Park Ridge. Known for its strong academic programs and a wide range of extracurricular activities, Maine West has been a cornerstone of the community for decades. The school consistently ranks well above the state and national averages in standardized testing. Parents moving to Park Ridge often consider living within the Maine West school district to ensure their children have access to quality education. This preference for Maine West has led to steady demand for real estate in this area, which, in turn, can affect housing prices.

Maine South High School

Maine South High School is another excellent option for Park Ridge residents. It boasts a strong academic curriculum, renowned sports programs, and a rich tradition of excellence. The school's rigorous coursework and high-achieving student body make it an attractive choice for families seeking a top-notch education. Homes within the Maine South district are also highly sought-after, contributing to the competitive real estate market in the area. Families often prioritize school districts when searching for homes, leading to increased demand for properties near Maine South.

Maine East High School

Maine East High School is the third high school in the Maine Township High School District 207 and offers a comprehensive educational experience. While it may not have the same reputation as Maine West or Maine South, it still provides quality education and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Real Estate Implications

The high regard for the education provided by these three high schools has significant implications for the real estate market in Park Ridge. Homes within the boundaries of these schools often come at a premium due to the strong demand from families looking to secure an excellent education for their children.  As a result, real estate prices can vary significantly depending on the school district. Homes in the Maine West and Maine South districts tend to command higher prices due to their educational reputation. However, this doesn't mean that Maine East's district is any less desirable. It offers a more budget-friendly option for families while still providing a solid education. It's important to consider your budget, educational priorities, and personal preferences when choosing a home in Park Ridge. Real estate professionals in the area can help you navigate the market and find the right balance between your housing needs and your child's educational aspirations.


Park Ridge, Illinois, offers an array of high school options, each with its unique strengths. Whether you choose Maine West, Maine South, or Maine East, you can rest assured that your child will receive a quality education in a welcoming community. However, it's essential to be aware of the impact your high school choice can have on the local real estate market, as it can influence property values and housing availability. By carefully considering your priorities and consulting with local experts, you can make an informed decision that benefits both your family and your future in Park Ridge.

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